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Watercolor Commission: Bellingham Home Portrait

I was recently commissioned to do this watercolor home portrait. What a beautiful house! I loved getting to focus in on all of the small details, like the trim.

9"x12", 140 lbs cold pressed Hahnemuhle watercolor paper



I began the painting by doing a sketch of the house based off a photo that was shared with me. I used a Blackwing Natural pencil (my favorite) to do the sketch.


Following the sketch, I then went in with a black 005 Micron Pen to add in permanent details. 

I love adding in lines and small details using a Micron pen. This is my favorite kind of pen, by the way. The tip for this size is very, very small and thin. 

I've found that the heavier weighted paper (300 lb) is more difficult to use this size Micron pen on. (The paper is too "toothy"). 


I followed up the pen drawing with the best part: adding color!

I like to start with putting down a base layer and then going back and continue to add layers to build depth. 

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Interested in having a home portrait done for you or someone you know? 

Home portraits make great gifts for:

  • the holidays/birthdays

  • housewarming celebrations

  • closing gifts

  • anniversary gifts

  • rememberance gifts

Pricing varies depending on canvas size and time frame.

Please contact me and I will be in touch soon!

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