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sKartGo User Research and Design for Mobile App


UX Designer

UX Researcher




Project duration:

June 2022


"A Grocery Delivery App Made with You, The Delivery Driver, in Mind."

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The Problem 

A simplified design system solution is needed for the delivery driver to seamlessly be notified of a person’s grocery order, what steps/items are needed to complete the order, and how to deliver the order. The driver’s need improved communication with the company help desk and customers, and also need on demand work, with few app glitches. 


The goal is to make a simple and seamless design system for the driver to help them be successful at their job and make them feel appreciated. 

Define & Empathize

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User Research

I created a short survey on Google Forms and posted it on a Facebook group. I was looking for individuals that have experience as drivers for an app, whether it be GrubHub, InstaCart, or another competitor. 

Insight #1: 1/6 participants are in school. 100% of the participants have more than one job. 


Insight #2: A challenge that was shared is that sometimes information is missing on the app for the customer.


Insight #3: An improvement that could be made that was shared was that there could be a better way to communicate with customers. 

I also conducted a competitive audit. I looked at Instacart, Lyft, Amazon Fresh, Uber Eats, and Grub Hub.


Insight #1: 4/5 companies have an interactive map when you first log in. I could not log into Amazon Fresh.

Insight #2: The application process to become a driver is very seamless for 4/5 companies. 5/5 have websites. 4/5 very direct tone toward audience. 

Insight #3: Accessibility scores for the companies websites ranged from 81-90%. They all were missing buttons that could be read by assistive technology.

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User Persona

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Empathy Map


User Journey

User Flow- Main.png
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Ideate, Prototype & Test

Wireframing - Sketching and Digital 

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Delivery- Step #1.png
Delivery- Step #2.png
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Unmoderated Usability Study Insights

Insight #1: “I feel like there are a lot of words on Step #1. ‘Number of items’ could be shortened to ‘No. of Items.’  I don’t think you need to show number of items on Step #2.”



Insight #2: On Step #2, for the phone/text, you should do one large button so the user knows that is where they can go to contact the customer. It would also be great to have pre-made text messages to send to customers.


Insight #3: The colors might be a bit too much making it hard to read the text.

Next Steps:

  • Continue with usability study - recruit participants, unmoderated

  • Iterate on usability study feedback

  • Get feedback from engineers (ideally, this would be throughout the process)

  • Pass off completed design to engineers

  • Refer back to KPIs set in usability study plan and review metrics after first version launch (time on task, drop-off rate…)

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