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Backpacking trip - May 2022

We started late on a Friday eveningt and hiked 5 miles in, the last mile or so in the dark. Set up camp, woke up the next day, and hiked out. 10 mile trip, mostly flat, TONS of trillium (if you want to see trillium, this is the hike for you). There were still some patches of snow, it was pretty cold at night, and we navigated a lot of of water crossings on the trail, none of them too deep. We were out in the Middle Fork area along the Taylor river trail.

Highly recommend if you want a mellow, overnight backpacking trip.. As we hiked out on Saturday morning, there were a good amount of people coming in. Many had dogs. We drove past the Mailbox Peak trailhead and it was a circus. I have little interest in doing really popular trails anymore, unless it's with a group or someone really wants to go.. I like to be outside to get away from people. That's just me though.

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