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Climbing Mt Erie July 17, 2022

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

We climbed some routes on the Powerline wall today at Erie. The weather was nice (wasn't too sunny and the temperature was perfect). It was fairly crowded with other climbers, but we didn't have to ever wait for a route, so that was good.

I was so frustrated with the first route we did called "Milk Dud" (, I almost cried. I was able to send the route, but the holds were just really crappy and it was a rough one to warm up on. That's ok though - I'm very motivated to push myself to climb a little harder and improve my technique and balance. It feels really good to get up the routes that are hard.

Super cool to see one of the awesome staff members from our climbing gym we go to on the route next to me! (Yes, I'm wearing a bike helmet. Don't judge, lol. My climbing helmet was being used by Amanda.)

View from the last route I did - "The Sickle" ( So pretty. By the way, I love my Mythos climbing shoes for outdoor climbing. They're really good for feeling grippy on the rock and mold to my feet nicely.

The trail down to the crag was a little sketchy in one area. This was taken hiking back up this section.

Love these cute succulents.

Hiking back up.

We stopped at Snowgoose Produce on the way home to get ice cream. For those who don't know or haven't had the pleasure of an ice cream cone from there - they give immodest scoops (this is considered one scoop) and their waffle cones are freshly made. It's the best and the long line is always worth the wait.

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