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Kualoa Ranch and Beach - September 2022

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

The beach:

That storm in the distance hit the beach within a few minutes of me taking this photo. I got soaking wet, like I-need-to-ring-my-shirt-out soaking wet.. It was so warm though that I almost didn't mind.. Plus, we got rained on several more times that day...Rain in Hawaii is much different than rain in Seattle!

The Ranch:

We did a 2 hour UTV tour through the valley. It was an incredible adventure and as a huge Jurassic Park fan, was honestly a dream come true!

There are still props and sets from some movies that were shot here. At one point, the rain was coming at us horizontally, which was just crazy to try and drive in!

I also appreciated learning about the value this land has to the family. The family has turned down countless offers from corporations who want to buy the valley and mountains and commercialize it. There are Hawaiian royalty and warriors buried in the mountains, so it's a sacred space. No one is allowed to climb or hike up there. Could you imagine a monorail going through there? Ugh. Agriculture is another way the family utilizes the land to make money. I'm always so happy to support people whose values are so strong, and while all I could picture initially were dinosaurs running through the valley, I left feeling so much respect for Hawaii and it's people. That's how it should be.

Our tour guides were awesome too. I really, from the bottom of my heart, appreciated the kindness of the people we met in Hawaii.

I also think I've found my new LinkedIn profile pic. Who wants to connect?

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