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Laie Hawaii LDS Temple + Polynesian Cultural Center - September 2022

Updated: Sep 25

I love recreating photos from the past.

Here is my mom and my younger sister when she was 2 months old:

...and my younger sister and her 11 month old baby here (35 years later)

We stopped by for a visit of the Laie Hawaii temple, drove around BYU Hawaii, and then went to the Polynesian Cultural Center for an afternoon/evening of activities, food, and a show.

Laie Hawaii Temple:

Polynesian Cultural Center:

Took a canoe ride to the far end of the cultural center:

Wood working demo:

I'm not a big flower person, but if you know me, you know I love dahlias. I also love alpine wildflowers. I'm adding plumeria to my short list of flowers I like after this trip. They're so pretty and they smell so darn good. I've never had an interest in painting flowers, but now I kinda do.

Blue Hawaiian slushee. We ate so much fruit while we were in Hawaii!

We got temporary tattoos in "Fiji"

Micah's means that he's a navigator.

Mine meant that I'm a warrior and my sister's meant that she's a queen.

I also won a spear throwing contest... I beat a guy who made some comments about women belonging in the kitchen. I have to laugh at that.

The buffet was incredible and the show was really good. I think I actually learned a few things that I didn't know about different Polynesian cultures, so good job to the PCC: I have been educated.. I'm not sure exactly how I feel about monetizing cultural experiences, but I do appreciate the opportunity to learn and be exposed to traditions and culture, and I only want to be respectful and supportive.

Everyone was so warm and welcoming too. It felt like we were part of a big family. I still can't get over the welcoming feeling that we experienced throughout our whole trip. It made me feel good and I want to make sure I'm sharing Hawaii in the best light and honoring the people who live there and their land. Mahalo!!!

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