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Mazama Climbing and Camping June 2022

A few months ago, we got core permits for the Enchantments. Because the snowpack was much higher than we were anticipating and the core had anywhere from 50"-100" of snow, we decided to go someplace else. Postholing in June just doesn't sound fun. So we came up with a plan b, and then that kind of fell through. And then a plan c, which also fell through.

But I am SO glad none of the other things worked out because this trip was the best. We got to stay on our friend, Matt's property and it was awesome. He has an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor shower, a tiny house, and an outdoor bathroom with a real toilet. We went climbing up at The Matrix climbing area on two days and the rock was great to climb on. It was incredibly relaxing to sleep in every day, go to the general store for snacks, and to take it easy.. Exactly what I needed! My reception was so spotty and I loved being disconnected.

I love it over there and look forward to going back soon. Since we have a limited window with outdoor climbing this summer, you'll probably be seeing more climbing photos on here for the next few months.

I'm so excited it's summer and look forward to many more adventures while we've got the sun and warmth!

Diablo Lake

Since there's a bear that comes through the property every morning to check out the trash can, we put Dakota in the car at night instead of the tent. I slept in the car with her so she wouldn't whine.

I got Riley Sager's new book before we left on the trip. I stayed up late reading in the car with my headlamp on.

Photos from both days up at the Matrix:

Photos from the drive home- Highway 20 is a beautiful drive.

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