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Miscellaneous Oahu Photos - September 2022

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Our first morning there, we woke up probably around 5 AM. Seattle is 3 hours ahead of Hawaii. We decided to walk over to the beach and catch the sunrise. Micah found a GoPro in the ocean in perfect condition. We were able to turn it on and try and figure out if there was any identifying information on it to find its owners...we even reported it to two different lost and founds. We never heard anything back though. The person on the camera spoke German and it looks like he lost the GoPro when he wiped out on his surfboard.

There were surfers out very early every morning. What a life!

I know the isn't the prettiest picture of a croissant, but it was so good. The made it with coconut oil so it had a hint of coconut flavor.

Downtown Waikiki, early in the morning... take me back! I want to live there!

Views from our hotel room. I think we saw a rainbow almost every day we were there.

Pigeons. I saw so many pigeons and chickens on this trip.

A Kusama! I was so excited to see this.

Random Beach photos -

Waikiki Beach:

Sunset Point Beach Park (there was hardly anywhere here aside from surfers and a few people on the beach and it was just so beautiful)

This hotel smelled so good. I want whatever they spray in my own place.

There was a street fair one of the nights we were there. We went to the beach and then walked up and down the main road that the fair was on. Got some good food, drinks, and gifts for people. We also discovered "These Stuffed Cookies", which I think are better than a Crumbl cookie, by a long shot. The guy said he has the cookies in all of the 7-11s in Hawaii. His next step is to get them into stores in Japan and then if that goes well, he'll get them in stores on the mainland (US). We stopped at a 7-11 on the last day we were there just to pick up some to bring home because we enjoyed them so much!

Here's my sister with her shrimp dinner:

And Micah with our pineapple/coconut drink.

Getting to spend time with my niece was probably my favorite part of the trip. I loved getting to see my mom and sister too, of course (unfortunately the rest of my family was unable to make it). My niece is extra special and I just love her so much. She is sunshine in baby form.

She even loves dinosaurs like me.

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