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I love mushrooms. I take a ton of photos of them, so I'm sure this won't be the only mushroom post I make.

Oysters, straight off the log

Inky caps - I collected these one year and made ink to make the below painting-

(painting made using inky cap mushroom ink- the dark thin outline is from a micron pen, just fyi)

Amanita muscaria

Amanita muscaria




False morel

I think this is some sort of coral fungus

Two tiny mushrooms

No clue what this is, but it looks like there's a mold growing on it. Gothic Basin trail.


I knew the name of this fungus at one point. Found in a burn area on the east side of the Cascades. Some kind of elf cup? I'm not sure.

Another tiny mushroom, no ID

Another morel!

Tiny mushrooms pushing up the forest floor

More amanitas - up by Lake 22

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