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Truck Town climbing - Exit 38 | July 2, 2022

To get there: Park at the Dirty Harry's Peak trailhead, take the DHPT to the Climbing Access Loop. Truck town is an offshoot of this trail and this part of the trail is steep- about 200' down to get to the climbing area. It's just shy of a mile to get to the climbing area from the trail head.

We got lucky and had the area to ourselves for part of the time. There are actually 7 routes here, I think some newer ones that aren't listed on Mountain Project. There are all a 5.9 and under and are sport routes.

I love that the start of the trail has you cross over a river. The water was so clean and clear. Last summer, we stuck our feet in the water to cool off after climbing one day.

The trail has some nicely marked signs and the main trail is pretty well maintained.As is the case with most of the I-90 trails, it was also kind of crowded. It was great to see so many people out enjoying the day though.

Amanda and Micah did all 7 routes. I was able to do 6, but only send 3 of them (get to "the top" of the route). That's ok and I was proud of myself for trying! There are some things that I am still learning to do and sometimes I get in my head too much. It's always good to push yourself when you can.

Climbing is very meditative for me and that's what I look forward to most about it. It really does help with my anxiety, believe it or not.

I was really proud of myself for getting this 5.9, however! The start was challenging for me. It was a bit over-hangy and the holds weren't great for me. Overhangs have been a big challenge for me ever since I got into climbing and it has taken a lot of time to warm up to doing them and build up the technique and strength. I also couldn't see the holds for my feet as I went from under to over very well, so it helped to have someone tell me where to put my foot next because I just couldn't see. My grip strength has gotten better - I'm noticing I can hang onto crimps and pinches much better. Slopers, not so much.

Dakota is a great crag dog. She likes to hang out and watch what we're doing. She also likes to dig holes and curl up in them and sleep. She's getting older... but it's nice to have her out with us. She'll be 9 in September.

The view from the top of one of the routes:


A few more...

We wrapped up the day with some Impossible burgers. It was a really good climbing day. I'm thankful for the good weather, the longer days, and supportive climbing partners. Thanks to the other climbing group who was there who shared their top rope with us - it was nice to swap routes like that!

Side note: I used to blog all the time, years ago. I'm making an attempt to get into it again because I think it's kinda fun and a good way to share adventures. Thanks so much for reading!

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