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Writing: Content + Copy

I wrote pieces for Recovery Beyond, a nonprofit organization that aids in recovery from drug & alcohol addiction by building healthy lifestyles for lasting recovery, from 2018-2021.

I became involved with this organization during graduate school. For my capstone project, I needed to work with an organization and help them solve a problem. 

I helped Recovery Beyond with the business logistics of building an online store for their website where they could sell Recovery Beyond merchandise, such as hats, shirts, and mugs.

I soon became involved as a volunteer following this. I assisted with writing stories to be used for the newsletter, fundraising, and raising awareness about Recovery Beyond.

"Braving the Elements to Support Lasting Recovery" 

A piece I wrote about Recovery Beyond's Mount Rainier climb.

"Acupuncture for Recovery"

A piece I wrote about the benefits of acupuncture for treating drug and alcohol addiction. I interviewed a local acupuncturist for this piece.

"Service Gives Life"

A piece I wrote about Becky Vinson, RB volunteer.

"Little Si: Let the Condition begin!"

A piece I wrote about the start of training season for the climb team.

"Our inaugural backpacking trip to Spider Meadows"

I wrote this piece detailing the first backpacking trip this organization held.

"Success is More than a Summit"

I wrote this piece about defining success and that it is more than a summit.

"From Seattle to Portland, Riding for Recovery"

A piece I wrote about a program volunteer.

"A Recovery Beyond Super Volunteer"

A piece I wrote about a program volunteer.

"National Volunteer Month" A piece I wrote highlighting the work the volunteers do and honoring them.

I started writing newsletters for Old Friends Club, a nonprofit that providers dementia day programming as well as caregiver respite, in September 2020. 

I currently research and write two newsletters a month that are filled with dementia caregiver resources - activities, education, and support. I use iContact to write and send the newsletters and then share on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram stories.

I also research and write a small caregiving tip every Tuesday for the organization's social media channels. Sometimes individuals will send a tip to the organization and I will post their tip in place of one I have researched. I use InDesign to design and create the content and then post the image on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

You can find the archive for these newsletters here.

Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 1.28.49 PM.png

I write newsletters and convert them into blog posts for Carriage Houses NW. I use MailChimp to write and send the newsletters and then promote them on Facebook and Instagram.

I also create content for social media channels: Facebook and Instagram.

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